Providing positive, reward-based training for dogs and puppies.

Serving dog owners in Harford County, NorthEastern Baltimore County, Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania


What is positive reward-based training?

Positive, reward-based dog training is proven to be more effective and better for your dog or puppy. Pavlov, Skinner and many other scientists helped determine that “behaviors that are rewarded are repeated”. In dog training, that means if we reward our dog when he gets something correct, he will continue to do it. This is what we base our training on. There is no need to punish, hurt or scare a dog into submission. Positive training establishes clear communication between you and your dog that is not based on fear.



Why Certified Trainers Matter

Currently, dog training is an unregulated field with no licensing requirements or regulatory oversight. That’s why it’s important to find an educated, science-based, nationally certified trainer. Certified dog trainers are professionals whose knowledge and skills have stood up to a rigorous, standardized test that meets the standards for science-based training. In addition, they also have at least 300 hours of dog training experience, and recommendations from other canine professionals. Ensure your dog’s well-being by using a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. All of Polite Pooches Trainers have at least one national certification!


Dog Training Classes

We offer positive reinforcement training for puppies and dogs, both private in-home or group classes.