Polite Pooches Positive Dog Training

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Satisfied Clients

-Dear Kathy.

Thank you for all of your instruction with Jazz over the past few months. We have gained more confidence in ourselves and in Jazz in Intermediate Obedience. Thanks for caring!   Anne M.

-Whew! tonight was alot of fun - you are a great teacher Kathy. I never would have believed that Duke would have done all that he has on the first night of beginners class:)  Tia W.

-Hi Kathy,

I really enjoyed your intermediate class. Bella and I learned so much. I’m so proud of her for passing the test!

Thanks for everything!   Gina W.

-Dear Kathy,

On behalf of Jazz and the entire Miller family, thanks for including us in your dog obedience classes. We look forward to joining you in another class sometime.

Anne M.

-Hi Kathy,

 I just wanted to thank you again for all your help with Leo. We had so much fun in class. I’m so pleased with all his progress. I really didn’t think he could ever pass the CGC test. I was pleasantly surprised when he passed with flying colors. Thank you for taking the time to work with us.  Lauren W.

-Thank you for offering the Intermediate class and CGC test. This is a wonderful opportunity for
us to invite our dog to focus and follow. I am reminded of good commands and techniques
to take responsibility too.  We are both very proud of Lizzie. Brooks felt the test was easy 
not stressful. I am so proud of Brooks and his talent with dog training.  I am very thankful
for you,your class,and 4Paws providing a place for our growth  in training our dogs. 

-Thanks so much for your help with teaching Winston or should I say, training
me? :) Who knows, you might see us for a refresher
class every now and then.Keep me on your mailing list, so I can forward them to those that might need
your help!Thanks again for everything!


-Fantastic training. My dog got his Canine Good Citizen Award at 10 months of age thanks to Kathy!

Martha D.

-Thanks, Kathy! Noah & I had a GREAT time learning in your AWESOME class!! 
Noah is doing so much better than when we started 7 weeks ago.  It is truly unbelievable!  
It is like a miracle occurred!!  
We will continue to work on things at home, so that Noah remains 
a happy, healthy pup. He now loves to listen & he looks right into my eyes (AMAZING) 
to communicate with me, to learn new things & to be a good listener!  He is like having a 
new little pup at our house! (He loves to listen now and to give me responses to my requests---plus, he really loves learning). We may think about doing another class, but in the interim
we will keep him prompted & continue with all of the things we both learned at your class. 
 Thank you caring about the puppies & wanting them to be happy, healthy, good listeners. 
 We owe you so much for everything you taught BOTH of us!  :)    Maura F.


-"I wanted to say thank you. This weekend I had Raven at the vet for a checkup. While in the waiting room, there were 2 other dogs barking and carrying on. I asked Raven for a sit and to stay with me, 2 commands we learned in your class. She never barked and never broke her stay. And then she calmly walked into the exam room, where I asked her for a down so the vet could check out her belly. It was a nice smooth outing that could have been terrible if she didn’t know those commands. I am so thankful for your services! Chrystal C.

- My previous Harford County experience with puppy obedience classes taught the participants to "show the dog whose boss" by yanking a choke collar. Disliking this roughness, I was relieved to find Polite Pooches puppy obedience classes with positive reinforcement. My new puppy and I enjoy the classes and she has learned so much.  Kathy W.