Past Classes Past Classes Graduation (Intermediate) Bradi and Abby graduate from Intermediate Obedience 38486292 Annabelle & Booby (Basic) Booby was the most improved in his class! 38486293 Meg (Intermediate) Nutmeg, the calmest dog in her class 38486294 Star (Basic) Star learning to stay 38486295 Crosby (Basic) Kim & Parker working with Crosby 38486296 Kaiah (Intermediate) Connie and Kaiah, the sweetest Jack Russell 38486297 Max (Basic) Max learning to stay 38486298 Sushi (Basic) Sushi doing awesome at the "stay" 38486299 Crosby (Basic) Crosby is so attentive 38486300 Graduation (Intermediate) Graduation from Intermediate Obedience for Cody, Phoebe and Bella 38486301 Abby (Intermediate) Abby working on "watch me" 38486302 Amos (Intermediate) Amos, the awesome rescued lab 38486303 Barry and Harley (Basic) Harley in a "stay" 42445314 Barb and Cooper (Basic) Cooper, the handsome English Shepard 42445315 Maddie (Basic) Maddie in a "stay" 42445316 Sasha (Basic) What a great sit Sasha! 42445317 Ozzie (Basic) Ozzie in a "stay" 42445318 Chad and Cody (Basic) Cody practicing "wait at the door" 42445319 Cooper and Kelly (Basic Nov 2009) Cooper the Corgi 62162886 Lauren and Leo (Basic Nov 2009) Leo does a great "stay" 62008196 Lilly - Basic Nov 2009 Lilly, the tiny, shy yorkie-poo 62163301 Winston, Basic Nov 2009 Winston, the bichon, practicing "wait at the door" 62163515 Duke, the handsome lab puppy (Basic Nov '09) Duke doing a great stay 62163154 Jazz the Mini Poodle (Basic July '09) Jazz practicing stay 67170581 Brooke the Golden Puppy (Basic July '09) Brooke showing us her "roll over" at graduation 67170582 Ranger the Labradoodle (Basic July '09) Ranger showing he knows to "give paw" 67171494 Basic Class July 2009 67171527 Brooke the Golden Showing she knows how to "sit pretty" 67172175 Me and Bella Bella after receiving her Canine Good Citizen certificate (2/10) 76896680